Managing Data Consultant

Data CRT is a small, growing consulting firm, specializing in understanding complex data problems, building infrastructure to support analyzing those problems, and communicating clear insights to our clients based on the outcome of technical analyses.

We are seeking a managing data consultant to join our practice. In this role, you will be responsible for managing client engagements, driving and executing technical decisions, and delivering and communicating results to clients.

Our projects range from building data warehouses from the ground up to developing algorithmic attribution models to optimize marketing spend. Each week brings something new.

Our clients hire us to tackle their most challenging data problems. You will see data challenges, patterns, and solutions across many companies of different maturities and use cutting edge tools to tackle a variety of data problems across industries. At Data CRT, you will get to do the best parts of data science and engineering.

To be successful in this role, you should:

  • Enjoy thinking quantitatively
  • Approach data skeptically, including testing assumptions and using statistical methods to quantify uncertainty
  • Engage with others at a technical and strategic level appropriate to their background
  • Be organized, without being fixated on organization for organization’s sake
  • Keep track of the forest while working with the trees
  • Want to write clear, organized code and contribute to shared projects using git
  • Produce clear and intuitive data visualizations
  • Have experience managing people and projects
  • Have at least 5 years experience working with data
  • Benefits and expectations:

  • You will need to wear many hats and should be comfortable learning new tools and techniques.
  • We hope you will help DataCRT stay on the leading edge of data science and engineering by actively engaging in the community and reserving time for professional development.
  • Quality is a core component of our work. You will be expected to participate in and improve our quality control procedures.
  • We offer high compensation and a truly flexible schedule and location for people who deliver excellent work.