Taryn Dukellis

Noah Bruegmann

Trevor Petach

Taryn specializes in effectively connecting business and data through data exploration, visualization, experimentation, and data-informed recommendations. She has a decade of experience building and leading data teams in tech companies of all sizes.

Trevor leads data science and advanced data engineering projects for Data CRT. His specialties include historically stable ETL, models for customer behavior (conversion and retention, for example), and causal inference analysis. He holds a PhD in Physics from Stanford.

Noah helps Data CRT's clients use their data as fuel rather than treating it as exhaust. He has over a decade of experience in data analytics, engineering and science. He's built and managed multiple data teams and owned complex data systems. In addition to running Data CRT, he also organizes a data community with regular meetups.



Camille Richardson

Joe Kelly

Camille works to develop clients' data models with their business context in mind. She holds a PhD in Computational Chemistry from Oregon State University.

Joe aims to help clients structure their data to make performing useful and interesting analysis easy. He has over a decade of experience working on and leading data teams in the tech and finance industries.

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