We use data to uncover how you can use the levers of your business to achieve your goals. Every company faces unique challenges and we offer customized solutions to your unique data needs. We find that focusing attention on the following areas frequently creates a thriving data practice:

Optimization of retention, pricing, marketing spend, and conversion

Data infrastructure improvements to allow fast and accurate data work

Hiring and training for data teams


Building on our background running multi-functional teams and working in startups, we have experience with a wide variety of functional groups, including: marketing, FP&A, risk, operations, customer support, and accounting. This experience allows us to quickly and accurately translate between business needs and data work.

Business goals drive the projects we take on and outcomes that we target. However, we take an engineering-inspired approach to how we do our work: we automate, test data and focus on building capabilities so you get long-term value from our work.


In any project, we work with you to identify which capabilities you need to build. Typically we implement proof of concept projects or full-scale solutions ourselves, but are also happy to guide an internal team through the work in a more advisory capacity.


Enable accurate regulatory reporting and business analysis for a unicorn insurance business by architecting and building data warehouse infrastructure.

Understand retention levers across customer touchpoints and develop a model to predict customer churn to enable better retention strategy for a series-D SaaS company.

Create BI solution detailing marketing and retention drivers, allowing a series-B artificial intelligence startup to continuously invest in effective growth and product strategies.

Advise a fast-growing series-C company on data organization structure, tooling, and hiring for a more effective mix of capabilities.